Monday, December 14, 2009


My long awaited post today is of the British Royal Artillery. I have painted up 4 sets of Perry 28mm British AWI Royal Artillery. Tow sets are with crews in Southern dress, short blue jackets with floppy slouch hats. The other 2 sets are of RA crews wearing the leather cap/hats that were adopted by them when they came to fight in North America.
I picked up the two Southern dress sets because I need artillery for my British Southern Army. One set is loading,one set is in firing poses. These are all I will need as the Southern Army didn't have much artillery until the reached Yorktown.
The other two sets I got in a good deal on Ebay. I couldn't pass them up of course! They are also in two poses,firing,and moving the piece into position. Once again,the Perry's did a spectacular job with these fine figures! A joy to paint! As with others I know,I kind of struggled with the gun carriages looking for the "right" shade of gray,or blue/gray. I looked at others on the web,and in books,and settled for Vallejo neutral gray, with a light gray drybrushing. Overall,I'm satisfied with the results.

    Friday, September 11, 2009

    My OTHER hobbies!

    I just thought I'd share some of my OTHER hobbies while I'm getting back into things here. The other hobbies that take all my hard earned money and time are historical reenacting and MILSIM airsoft.
    I've been reenacting various time periods starting in 1989 in a REALLY bad German SS unit. From there I jumped to ACW, then later on to AWI. A few years ago I discovered airsoft. Which is like reenacting but you're shooting plastic BB's at each other with VERY realistic copies of modern and WWII weapons.
    These are just a few pictures of my "other" hobbies!

    Wednesday, September 9, 2009

    A Slight Interlude!

      I know it has been quite awhile,well over a year to be exact, but I will be posting more very soon. I don't paint much over the summer months due to my room not being air conditioned.
      Also,there will be a slight interlude,as I picked up some of the new Perry and Victrix hard plastic 28mm Napoleonics. These are VERY nice figures! I got a box of the Perry 1815 French,and a box each of the Victrix Peninsular War British, and flank company boxes.
      I started the Perry French tonight,and may or may not post pics,as I want to keep this blog strictly AWI.
      On that subject, I picked up a HUGE collection of 40mm Sash and Saber AWI figures on Ebay about a month ago. Well over 200 figures for a song pretty much! I've been tempted with 40mm figures since I've seen them at conventions, and I'm a big fan of Sash and Sabers work with 28mm figures over the years. I can't wait to get a crack at painting them!
      Recently,I had sent out some of my horses,as I loathe to paint horses! I sent them to the great Howard Whitehouse,who lives close by,and who's work I admire, plus, I need to keeep himput of trouble!
      Anyway,stay tuned, your regularly scheduled AWI blog will get down to business in the coming weeks and months!

      Saturday, August 30, 2008

      Thursday, August 28, 2008

      O' Hara's Guards Brigade

      Sunday, August 17, 2008

      Leslie's Brigade-Guilford Courthouse

      Websters Brigade,Guilford Courthouse, March 1781

      My first 2 units belonged to Lt. Col. Websters command at the battle of Guilford Courthouse on March15,1781. It was a small brigade,consisting of 2 regiments who fought together most of the war.The 23rd,Royal Welsh Fusiliers,and the 33rd Regt. Both of these units are made up entirely of Perry figures.The flags are by GMB,quite possibly,the best wargames flags available today,just hard to track down!

      The 23rd is depicted in campaign dress.Short roundabout jackets,no facings,very appropriate for the Southern heat. They're also wearing floppy slouch hats with their regimental white feathers.The fusilier caps being put into storage being too expensive and inpractical for field usage in the Colonies.

      I really like this unit,and it was a pleasure to paint.

      The next unit is the 33rd regt. They're also Perry miniatures with GMB flags.This unit is wearing cut down regimental coats and slouch hats as well.The 33rd was a regular line regiment,and had no special distinctions as the 23rd has. As with the 23rd,they were also a joy to paint,which is the case with all the Perry miniatures.