Saturday, August 30, 2008

Thursday, August 28, 2008

O' Hara's Guards Brigade

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Leslie's Brigade-Guilford Courthouse

Websters Brigade,Guilford Courthouse, March 1781

My first 2 units belonged to Lt. Col. Websters command at the battle of Guilford Courthouse on March15,1781. It was a small brigade,consisting of 2 regiments who fought together most of the war.The 23rd,Royal Welsh Fusiliers,and the 33rd Regt. Both of these units are made up entirely of Perry figures.The flags are by GMB,quite possibly,the best wargames flags available today,just hard to track down!

The 23rd is depicted in campaign dress.Short roundabout jackets,no facings,very appropriate for the Southern heat. They're also wearing floppy slouch hats with their regimental white feathers.The fusilier caps being put into storage being too expensive and inpractical for field usage in the Colonies.

I really like this unit,and it was a pleasure to paint.

The next unit is the 33rd regt. They're also Perry miniatures with GMB flags.This unit is wearing cut down regimental coats and slouch hats as well.The 33rd was a regular line regiment,and had no special distinctions as the 23rd has. As with the 23rd,they were also a joy to paint,which is the case with all the Perry miniatures.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Early War British Light Infantry

Here are some of my early War British light infantry.The figures are all by Foundry,and are very accurate and well sculpted.I use these as skirmish figures,which is why they are all based singly.I do plan on using them though,as part of my British Southern Army circa 1780-83.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Queens Rangers

    Here are some pictures of my Queens Rangers figures.These very nice figures are from the Perry Brothers of Great Britain.In my opinion,THE best 28mm wargames figures available today.Perfectly proportioned and historically accurate,and most of all,a pleasure to paint!

    I'm trying to build my armies composed of nothing but Perry figures.The only non-Perry figures are made by Wargames Foundry,of which the Perrys used to work for.Fine figures,but not as nice as Perry's.In a future post,I will examine the differences of all the various figures I have painted,from Old Glory,to Foundry to finally Perry.

Monday, April 28, 2008

The beginning..

This is my first attempt to chronicle my trials and tribulations of creating a wargames army.I am in the process of creating one major,and a couple minor 28mm AWI wargames armies.The first,and largest is Cornwallis' British Southern Army of 1780-1781.The next will be Clintons expedition up the Hudson in support of Burgoynes Army in Oct. of 1777.I chose that because I live near the site of its only major engagements,the attacks on Forts Clinton and Montgomery.

Next up will be Burgoynes German allies consisting of troops from Brunswick and Hesse-Hanau.This is just a small overview of what I will be doing.I will be posting pictures and descriptions of my current work,and progressas I go along.I have the bulk of The British Southern Army finished,all thats needed are some British Legion Dragoons and some Loyalist troops.

Well,off I go!!