Monday, December 14, 2009


My long awaited post today is of the British Royal Artillery. I have painted up 4 sets of Perry 28mm British AWI Royal Artillery. Tow sets are with crews in Southern dress, short blue jackets with floppy slouch hats. The other 2 sets are of RA crews wearing the leather cap/hats that were adopted by them when they came to fight in North America.
I picked up the two Southern dress sets because I need artillery for my British Southern Army. One set is loading,one set is in firing poses. These are all I will need as the Southern Army didn't have much artillery until the reached Yorktown.
The other two sets I got in a good deal on Ebay. I couldn't pass them up of course! They are also in two poses,firing,and moving the piece into position. Once again,the Perry's did a spectacular job with these fine figures! A joy to paint! As with others I know,I kind of struggled with the gun carriages looking for the "right" shade of gray,or blue/gray. I looked at others on the web,and in books,and settled for Vallejo neutral gray, with a light gray drybrushing. Overall,I'm satisfied with the results.