Sunday, August 17, 2008

Leslie's Brigade-Guilford Courthouse


Consul Scipio said...

Thanks for putting up a very nice blog! I really like what you've done so far with your project. I like the level of detail you put into the units as well. They look great.

I'm slowly researching the Southern Campaign myself so this is very inspirational. However, I have to get beyond a little F&I War itch right now. But the Perry AWI are so, so nice I have to get started soon.

Regarding the Highlanders, probably the reason for the Kilts is they really "look different" on the tabletop. Is it historical? Not usually, especially in the south. I will admit I thought about using the kilt wearing Highlanders simply because new players would "see" them easier. But since we know what they wore during the southern campaign, that's promoting poor history now, isn't it? Keep up the good work!

Giles said...

Cracking stuff, Bob.

Re kilts. I think Scipio hits the nail when he says that people just like having something different on the table. Also, for those of us gaming the northern campaigns, there is evidence that the kilts were retained for a little while before the troops changed into "campaign dress". The colonel of the 71st, for example, is reported as having insisted that his regiment retain their kilts for as long as possible. The 84th, the Royal Highland Emigrants, used the wearing of full highland plaid as a recruiting tool. But you are certainly correct that kilts will not have been worn in the South.

Best wishes


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

...nice blog... re. the highlanders I have them in overalls as well, but only because I can't paint tartan very well!

I've always taken the view that as long as *I* know it's not historical, then they're my armies and I can represent them as I like! :o))

PS. I have the Welch Fusiliers in their bearskins as well... ;o)

Militia Light Dragoon said...

I would like to see more pics of the slash and saber "hessians" if that is possible?

at 50.00 a pop It may help my wallet, But i want it to complement the perry's and foundry I have.

Other than that ... well done..